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Wahyd group launched its latest product Wahyd- car booking app. It is a platform which allows users to book a cab using the internet and geo-localization. The driver in your proximity will reach out to you within few minutes at your doorstep.

We all are pretty much used to tapping on an application to help us find our way or booking tickets for a trip but the newest wave of transportation apps goes far beyond that. These apps are literally shaking up the whole cities, industries, in fact, our entire taxi culture. So, the taxi landscape has totally exploded. They certainly give us the glimpse of the future and how we’ll get around through car.

Well, if you just nabbed a smartphone or are coveting one, before starting up with Wahyd-car booking app first you need to know all about it.

What is Wahyd and how does it work?

Wahyd is a premium cab hailing service with a vision to connect people who want a reliable ride with people who want to earn money. They are committed to improving life through accessible, secure and fast transportation services. Because everyone deserves to reach out to a comfortable transport without any difficulty.

Registering process is simple and quick. An easy step by step has to be followed to book a ride with Wahyd car booking app.

  1. Download the Wahyd car booking app, sign-up, and login
  2. Turn on GPS and your location will be attained spontaneously
  3. Choose ride type: Economy, Regular, Premium or special
  4. Enter the address where you want your ride to pick you from, time and destination(optional) for an estimated fare
  5. Choose convenient payment mode: Cash, Credit Card, Wahyd Credit, Wahyd Top-Up
  6. Hit “Ride Now” and you’ll be promptly notified particulars of ride and Guide.
  7. Upon reaching destination pay, “End Trip”, tip Guide if you like so and provide feedback. That’s it!

Wahyd-car booking app is becoming user’s favorite and one of more on-demand apps these days since it offers more than one way to book a ride. If you don’t have internet at the moment and want an easy and fast conveyance you can choose the good old dial-up method. By calling 051-8487520 your ride will get to you within no time, convenient… Right?

Wahyd Offers Promo Codes, Referrals Credits and Much More

Wahyd – car booking app keeps on wowing and surprising its Guests by revealing promo codes, restaurant discounts, referral credit etc.

Share and earn free Wahyd credit

Just by sharing and spreading the Wahyd love with your friends and family referrer can earn free RS.50 credit when the referee takes his first ride. Whereas the new user gets Rs.100 free credit. Following are the download links.

Play store:https://goo.gl/4mbOhe | iTune:https://goo.gl/UHbw9b

Wahyd offers promo codes

Recently Wahyd announced “Get50” promo code with which you can get flat RS.50 discount on your ride right away. Wahyd keeps introducing promo codes offering great discounts for example “Welcome250”, “Extra150”, “Get100”,”Off80”etc.and on special occasions like on Eid “Eid80”, Independence Day “Azadi70”to greet the Guests in best possible manner.

Discount at famous eateries

Discounts are not limited to promo codes, yummy-licious discounts are also awarded to riders every now and then. Currently, you get up to 35% discount on entire menu at Baramda, Caesar’s 8 and Beans and Grills lounge simply by riding with Wahyd.

To stay up to date with latest offers and discounts please visit https://www.wahyd.com/offers and like our Wahyd facebook

Ride Classification

Wahyd car booking app pride themselves on providing highly personalized service at an affordable and competitive price. It features a variety of ride types so there is one accommodating your requirement precisely. Fare varies accordingly. Lately,economy ride rates have been reduced from Rs. 11/km to Rs. 9/km.

  • Economy: Rs. 9/km
  • Regular: Rs. 15/km
  • Premium: Rs. 23/km

Guide (driver)Insurance and Screening

All the Guides are carefully screened, investigated, and trained for your peace of mind. A valid license is mandatory to be a Wahyd Guide. Full-time Guide who maintains 80% acceptance rate and 4.5 Guest rating is given Rs.2000 bonus weekly. On the other hand, part-time Guide is given bear minimum guarantee of Rs.250 per hour– that’s how job security is assured. Wahyd-car booking app Guides dedicatedly assure professionalism, confidentiality, and reliability of each and every order.

Fare Estimate

Wahyd car booking app gives Guest an option to calculate approximate fare. Once the destination is entered the app will provide you with the tentative cost of trip and then you would be asked to confirm the order. Once it is confirmed you receive all the details pertaining to the ride i-e; Car number, model, Guide’s name and contact number.

Go to the following link to get an estimate https://www.wahyd.com/#estimate-fare

Some extra ordinary features by Wahyd – car booking app

No Peak Factor

It is not fair to charge a peak fare from passengers.Wahyd believe in giving complete comfort to its Guests. Unlike others Wahyd – car booking app do not have peak factor. Hence, even on days of high demand and rush you will be charged as it normally would.

Book Ride through Call

Let’s agree to this, you do not have access to a fast internet connection all the time. Wahyd – car booking app sorted it out and brought up an easy solution. If you can’t access internet for any reason it doesn’t bound you at all. You can simply call at 051-8487520 to get around the Wahyd way.

Tip Guide

As an appreciation Guests can tip the Guides for the quality of services being delivered to them. It is definitely a great feature enabled by Wahyd- car booking app.Though tipping is not mandatory but it express politeness and etiquette.

In-App Chat

Wahyd-car booking app incorporated in-app chat messenger to stay connected with your Wahyd family. All your contacts using Wahyd app can send and receive texts, pictures, and voice messages. So, you can practically chat with them without exiting the app.

Partners of Wahyd – Car Booking App

Best yet, Wahyd is collaborating with number of brands to give out diversification. Great discounts and deals are handed off quite often, exclusively for Wahyd Guests. Amongst the existing partners Baramda, Caesar’s 8, Beans & Grills Lounge are prominent and numerous are coming on-board soon.


In a nut-shell, Wahyd-car booking app is an innovative technology solution. It has an efficient and effective functionality managing the entire system flawlessly. Users go through a smooth and hassle free process to book a ride. Warily selected Guides transports you to the destination reliably. Its striking progression is an indicative of a wider evolution in the sector.

Wahyd is determined to be more dynamic, reachable and responsible source of transport for every one of you.

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  1. New users can also get additional Rs. 100 credit using Referral code “MUHA13748”. Goto My Account >Referred by option to avail this.

  2. Every new user gets Rs.100 credit whether referred by someone or not. But if you refer someone and he/she installs the app and then book a ride then the referral gets Rs.50 free credit.

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