Here’s Why I’ll Always Be In Awe Of Nazia Hassan

Nazia Hassan
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We have all grown up listening to different genres of music. Some genres we had our interest built in according to the running trends, some were imposed on us as they kept playing on the television or radio. The best of us were those who inherited the taste of music from our parents.

I am an 80’s child and Modern Talking, Sash Boney M, Nazia and Zohaib Hassan, Sharon Prabhakar etc. were some of the singers/ bands that I grew up listening to.

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I am totally in love with Modern Talking. You see, “You’re my heart, you’re my soul,” has the music and the lyrics to make one do a little disco dancing of their own!

But if I had to pick my most favorite it would have to be the late Nazia Hassan.

Although Nazia was known to have a duo with her brother Zohaib Hassan but I was always interested in Nazia’s songs. It pains me that she is no longer with us but all good things come to an end at a certain time. Here is why I am and will always be in awe of her.

The Majestic Voice

It goes without saying that Nazia Hassan had the most majestic voice we’ve heard in the music industry of the 80’s era. One could listen to her all day and would still feel not having enough of it.

Listening to her songs today gives me as instant throwback to my childhood. They take me to the stress- and care-free life of my childhood.

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Even today her music gives me that inexpressible disco sensation and I find myself slowly grooving my shoulders to the rhythm of the 80’s .

The Heart Throb Beauty

I would like to believe that the fans of Nazia Hassan at some point had a crush on her. The fans including myself can’t be blamed, she was a major heart throb of the 80’s.

Most of us were surprised that she never had a career as a fashion model or did not do any acting.

No wonder many girls tried to copy her looks by keeping straight, long hair when perms and short hair were in fashion. Many copied her dressing and made jeans and long skirts a part of the running fashion.

Modern and Catchy Music 


Nazia’s songs were too unreal, modern and catchy for their time. The rhythm of her sound seemed quite a mismatch for that ear’s pop music. This attribute perhaps, contributed a lot to her success.

Songs like Boom Boom, Aag, Dum Dum Dee Dee, Aow Na and Telephone Pyar sounded like a musician’s dream.

The music industry followed Nazia’s foot steps in the 90’s, certifying the fact that her music was way ahead of its time.

Humble and Calm Personality

Nazia Hassan being the leading pop singer of her era appeared on the television a lot, both in Pakistan and India. She even credited a couple of shows to her name.

As a fan it always fascinated me how humble and calm she used to be. During a conversation she would always smile and the tone of her voice would have a very calming effect, instantly capturing the interest of the audience.

Nazia Hassan, wherever you are, you will always be dearly missed!