Here Is All You Need To Know If You Are About To Become New Parents!

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There is a lot of advice new parents receive from friends and family. However, there are certain facts that are important to understand yet nobody particularly, in conservative societies wants to talk about. Here is a look at what those facts are and how they can help parents to prepare better before the newborn arrives.

3. Baby Blues
Baby Blues
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A baby’s arrival is a life changing moment and things change day in and day out particularly, during the first few months. With parents getting used to the new lifestyle and owing to multiple other reasons it is only natural that both father and especially the mother remain vulnerable to mood swings and can experience different symptoms associated with baby blues. Baby blues generally settle within the first two weeks and any support from friends and family during the time can do wonders.

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Knowing what baby blues are and being prepared for them well in advance matters because it allows new parents an understanding of what is going on and hence, puts them in a better position to manage their emotions.

2. Sleep Deprivation

Never sleep again

Your newborn will obviously cry, require feed and a diaper change approximately every 90 to 120 minutes thus, it is only obvious that the sleep pattern will go haywire for a while. The reality hits most new parents in a manner that leaves them shell-shocked.

It is therefore, important for them to know from the word go that sleep deprivation will be a factor during the early days and that they will have to prepare themselves and cope with it.

1. A Loss of Freedom


A child at home is a responsibility and responsibilities in life do reduce freedom. A loss of freedom can leave some parents in a situation where they would want to somehow reclaim the life that they were living a few months back.

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Hence, it is imperative for parents to know that they might miss their freedom for a little while following a child’s birth and that in the long run everything will feel normal again and that the child will eventually, be a source of joy and happiness!