From FX To Porsche, Shaan Gave A Befitting Reply To Internet Trolls

Shaan Porsche
Source: Global Village Space

Celebrities and commoners alike, this coronavirus has got everyone locked in their homes. In the midst of it all, Shaan Shahid recently shared his quarantined life picture but people only noticed the Porsche in the background.

Shaan Shahid recently shared the following picture on his Twitter, just chilling at his home, with a Porsche parked behind him.

People were quick to brand Shaan as a ‘showoff’ for deliberately exhibiting his Porsche in the picture.

Some people didn’t even care about the sports car. They were just there to troll the superstar without any cause, perhaps trying to get some relevance in their lives.

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Most people would ignore such trolls but we all know that Shaan is not most people. He came back firing at all those who tried shaming him for his expensive processions.

People only focus on the present situation of these celebrities and tend to forget their past struggles. Shaan was quick to remind them of where he came from.

One Twitterati found the old picture of Shaan and well, here you go.

While some of the criticism might be justified when these celebrities try to fuel their narcissism through social media, but its not right to spread hate just for the sake of it. The man had a simple message ‘Love’ and some of you were still triggered.