The First Thing These 11 People Will Do After The Lockdown Ends Will Make You Go, “Me too!”

first thing after lockdown iqra aziz

It’s been over 20 days since Pakistan was locked-down and there’s no clarity on when it will finally end. But people have already thought about the first thing they’re going do after the lockdown ends and some of their plans feel SO REAL!

Here’s what we found snooping around Twitter.

1. Argh, can’t wait to breathe in some fresh air first thing in the morning!

2. Who else is craving a good ‘ol game of cricket?

3. This guy’s ready for an escapade and so am I. Take me with you Nomad, please take me with you!

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4. Me too! Me Too! But I’ll also get a tattoo!

5. Oh, the luxury of touching your face and eyes without getting a panic attack! How we all miss that!

6. Coffee with friends! Yes, PLEASE!

7. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s how we introverts live and breathe!

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8. Hahahahaha! This guy’s answer is legit!

9. You don’t realize hair-dressing is an important life skill until you can’t get a hair cut no more…

10. Aren’t ya guys not tired of playing video games already?

11. Won’t we all, bhai sahab, won’t we all!

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What is the first thing that you’ll do after the lockdown ends? Share it in the comments below!