Use This Self-Screening App By Aga Khan University If You Have Minor Symptoms Of Coronavirus & Stop Panicking!

Self-Screening App Aga Khan
Via Twitter @AKUGlobal

Aga Khan University and Hospital has launched a self-screening app named CoronaCheck. In an effort to support the government and reduce the load on hospitals, this app enables its users to evaluate symptoms just by sitting at home.

CoronaCheck helps understand the symptoms using Artificial Intelligence and Interactive chatbot.

It evaluates if the user may have contracted the deadly virus and need to seek any medical assistance.

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This self-screening app by Aga Khan university aims to limit the spread of COVID-19 by identifying potential carriers.

The application will also help reducing the burden on the hospitals. In addition it’ll give the medical staff enough time and resources to pay attention to critical patients.

CoronaCheck is a joint effort of the Aga Khan University (AKU) and Hospital. The clinical faculty advised the algorithm for screening while Technology Innovation Support Centre (TISC) provided the technical assistance to develop the application.

Saleem Sayani, director of AKU’s TISC said that:

The coronavirus has placed the country’s healthcare system under tremendous strain with frontline healthcare professionals already working around the clock. Through this app, we hope to share useful tips that can prevent new cases and provide reassurance to worried citizens during a time of widespread concern.

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It has been based upon the model from Alberta Health Services but altered according to the geographically evolving epidemiology.

CoronaCheck also provides authentic information to counter myths and misinformation on social media.

You can download CoronaCheck from Google Play Store.