First Week Business Of Eid Releases Is Here!

Azaadi Jurassic World 7 Din Mohabbat In
Source: Eid Releases

Four films released in Pakistan on the Eid weekend. While the Pakistani Eid releases were a mix of action and comedy, the Hollywood biggie brought dinosaurs back to the big screen.

Each of the films managed decent business over the weekend. However, it was their hold during the weekdays that truly defined their worth.

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Let’s see how 7 Din Mohabbat In, Azaadi, Wajood and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom did at box office Pakistan during the first week.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

From the word go, this action-adventure film remained the top runner at the Pakistan box office.

Within the first 6 days, Jurassic World approximately raked in 8.75 crore rupees and going by its continued strong performance, it is expected to end its second weekend at the 10 crore mark.

7 Din Mohabbat In

The Mahira Khan-Sheheryar Munawar starer did fanatastic business during the Eid break. However, the film experienced a sharp dip in its collections following the end of the holidays.

According to Box Office Detail, 70% of the 8 crore that 7DMI has so far earned in the domestic market came from its holiday run.

The film’s lifetime business is expected to fall between the 10 – 12 crore mark.


Moammar Rana’s Azaadi is truly the unexpected achiever in this list. Despite being panned by critics and disowned by multiplex-goers in most regions, Azaadi managed to stay afloat, closing its first week with an impressive 8 crore in its kitty.

Azaadi’s success goes to show the power and potential of single-screen cinemas and how they can single-handedly turn the fortunes of a film in Pakistan.

Going by the strong trend, Azaadi is expected to surpass the lifetime total of 7 Din Mohabbat In as far as domestic earnings are concerned.


Of all the Eid releases, Wajood was the only film to perform poorly. During the first six days, this Javed Sheikh directorial managed to rake in merely Rs. 2.46 crore.

A number of factors went against Wajood. For one thing, it was the last film to join the Eid line-up, robbing it of the much required time for marketing. The trailer too, left most people unimpressed with its strong 90’s vibes. Finally, with the box-office already saturated with three big films, pushing in Wajood was asking for a disaster.

With Salman Khan’s Race 3 having hit the theaters in Pakistan late Friday evening, only Jurassic Park and (in some regions) Azaadi seem to have the potential to retain their hold while 7DMI and Wajood are unlikely to survive the Sallu bhai wave.