Fake Dam Fund Donation Tweets Have Taken Over The Internet & It’s Actually Hilarious!


Four days ago Prime Minister Imran Khan announced PM’s dam fund and urged Pakistanis especially overseas’ to donate as much as they can for the cause. The address also revealed the merger of CJP’s and PM’s funds set up to build Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand dam through crowdsourcing. Following the development scores of people have come out in the favor of the initiative which is obvious. However, what is not obvious and hilariously weird is that some Pakistanis have gone into a frenzy and have started doing what Donald Trump hates the most i.e. spreading fake news!! Here’s a list of all the fake dam fund donation tweets that have kept Pakistani internet abuzz for the last 2 days.

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It all started when Shahid Khan aka Shad Khan, a Pakistani-American billionaire businessman was rumored to have donated $1 billion for the funds.

The news spread like a wildfire, reaching our Facebook and even Whatsapp! The action led to more such fake yet funny revelations and meme makers since then, are having a field day.

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Fake Dam Fund Donation

Fake Dam Fund Donation

Fake Dam Fund Donation

Some even got away with photoshopped receipts! Just click on this tweet and read the replies!


Whether you’re team contribution or no-contribution, you cannot deny the fact that these fake dam fund donation tweets are actually hilarious and so, one cannot help but forward it to their friends for a good laugh. That being said, while passing on any such news, kindly make sure that your friends know its a sham because spreading misinformation is the last thing we should indulge in for the sake of fun!

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