Candidly Yours | Episode 8 | Dhool the Band


Bolo Jawan’s Candidly Yours has come full circle with the 8th episode of the series in which we interviewed another Pepsi Battle of the Bands famed quad, Dhool the band.

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A huge outcry was raised by Pakistanis all over the internet when Dhool’s name was not shortlisted amongst the top 8 bands in Pepsi’s biggest music competition. Who knew that for Dhool nothing will ever be the same again!!

The Pindi based ensemble shared with us their take on the decision made by the judges and how the immense amount of love they were showered with became a source of inspiration following the elimination.

Things got interesting when we asked them to pick a favorite from Pepsi B.O.B’s judges and we can simply not get over the way Dhool boys started blushing as they shared with us the best comments they have heard so far.

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We know you are already dying of excitement to watch your favorite band’s heart-to-heart talk and so, we won’t keep you waiting!

Click on the video below and get to know Dhool up close and personal in the 8th episode of Bolo Jawan’s Candidly Yours.

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