This Desi Guy Rolling In Snow & Enjoying Winter Abroad Will Surely Make Your Day!

Desi Guy Rolling In Snow

Most of us are so occupied in our daily life hustles that we forget to acknowledge the blessings of nature. However, this desi guy rolling in snow like a panda, dancing to a Bollywood number and enjoying the cold weather abroad is giving us all a lesson that we should savour little moments in life.

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The video appeared on internet this weekend and has gone viral like a wildfire with captions like, “This is why Trump doesn’t want to see Asians in USA” and “When Karachites and Lahoris visit HUNZA in winters.”

Well, it’s true we go a tad overboard in awe when in the mountains during winters but what this guy is doing is beyond comprehension!

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This amazing desi guy rolling in snow is the craziest thing on the internet this week! We’d really(!) love to meet him in person and learn more about his superhuman resistance to extreme cold.

Whatever the case be if you are having a bad day or you know someone who is, then share this with them to see them breaking into laughter fits!

Click and watch!