Churails Allegedly Plagiarised Illustration From A French Artist & Distasteful

churails plagiarised
via Twitter @@amna_tq

Churails has gathered a lot of praise for being the first official Pakistani web series on an international streaming platform and especially for an unusual story coming from the local industry.

The web series has been the talk of the town ever since it was released online but this time not for the right reasons!

A sharp-eyed Twitter user pointed out that the critically acclaimed show, Churails, plagiarised an illustration for its opening sequence from a French artist.

She gave a side-by-side comparison of both the illustrations pointing out how Churails used a rip-off of Malika Favre’s work that she had done for the New York Times.

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The audience who were all praise for the show have been left really disappointed after the issue was brought to attention.

It was a duff addition to an otherwise almost perfect show that was able to rattle some stereotypes or at least initiate a discourse.

But being accused of plagiarism is such a turnoff for a high budget show such as Churails!

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The move certainly is contrary to the beliefs they are preaching throughout.

It’s high time that we start taking the issue of plagiarism seriously or otherwise we’ll end up screwing all the efforts involved in producing such legit content.

The French illustrator, Malika Favre, went on to say, “that IS bad” and further added that she’ll look into the issue.

The illustration was done by Studio Rokhan who haven’t said anything on the issue as of yet.

Churails allegedly plagiarised illustrations and people are disappointed! What are your thoughts on the issue?