Chain Aye Na – A Review in Tweets

Chain Aye Na
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After much ado and lots of criticism for it’s trailer, Syed Noor’s comeback directorial, “Chain Aye Na” finally hit the screens a couple of days ago.

Despite the staggering flake that its trailer received a few cine goers still went to the cinema to give the film a chance. However, the public reactions that we’ve come across so far certify that the film was just as terrible as its awfully long trailer. Let’s take a look at people’s reactions to understand what went wrong with “Chain Aye Na.”

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Promotes Violence Against Women

The leading grievance against the film is its misogynistic story-line that encourages violence against women. As the headline of one review read, “Distressing films like ‘Chain Aye Na’ condition men to never take no for an answer.”

Critics and masses have both labeled the film as offensive and even dangerous for normalizing domestic abuse by its protagonist.

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Acting Left a Lot to be Desired

It is not just the film’s content that has irked the cine goers but also the acting prowess of its leads.

The entire team has come under fire by the few who dared to watch “Chain Aye Na.” However, the film’s team seems to have taken the criticism quite personally.

It’s genuinely sad that even in this time and age we seem to be promoting romanticism in domestic abuse. The handful of people who did go to see “Chain Aye Na” seem thoroughly traumatized by the film and its (as one reviewer out it) “deranged” plot.

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This is especially disheartening because Pakistani cinema has made great progress in the last couple of years with such socially responsible and highly entertaining films as “Actor in Law.” Even mass entertainers like “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani” had important social messages intertwined in their plot lines. What Syed Noor, a veteran director (and one who has directed memorable classics such as “Sargam” in the 90’s) was thinking with this one is truly beyond us all!

The debacle of “Chain Aye Na” should be a warning for filmmakers to not take their fans for granted and stay apace with the changing realities of both film-making and a more socially aware environment that we live in.