Candidly Yours | Episode 3 | Omran Shafique (Part III)


In the third and final part of his exclusive interview on Bolo Jawan’s webseries, Candidly Yours, Omran Shafique talks about the prospects for Pakistani musicians in the future.

Omran spoke about how the revival of the film industry is also supporting the revival of Pakistani music.

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He also has some great advise for aspiring musicians and how best to balance their own sound with what the masses want to hear.

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Finally, Omran Shafique spoke about the future of music in Pakistan. He rightly pointed out that “…the last big thing…” in Pakistani music happened some 10 or 15 years ago. At this point the industry desperately needs at least one new star to get the masses excited about Pakistani musical content.

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We loved every bit of our chit chat with Omran Shafique and we’re sure you’ll enjoy his insights on music just as much as we did! Click below to watch the video.

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