Candidly Yours | Episode 3 | Omran Shafique (Part I)


Omran Shafique has been a part of Pakistan’s music scene for over a decade now.

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His breakthrough act as a musician was his long standing stint with the band, Mauj. Over the years he has joined forces with scores of musicians and is also a house band member on Coke Studio.

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In the third episode of Candidly Yours, team Bolo Jawan had a fun and rather in-depth chit chat with Omran Shafique.

In Part I of our conversation with Omran, he told us about the secret behind his animated nickname, Momo and his journey as a musician over the years.

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Omran also shared his observation of the evolution of Pakistani music from the point that he first started playing.

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Given the unpredictable fortunes of artists in the country, we were especially interested to know how he and others like him found the motivation to treat music as their bread and butter rather than a hobby. His answer was certainly from the heart!

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So without further ado, click on the video above to watch Omran Shafique chatting away on Candidly Yours, Episode 3.