Ali Zafar Involves Wasim Akram And Shahid Afridi To Promote Teefa In Trouble


We all know by now that Ali Zafar will be unveiling the trailer of his much anticipated home production, Teefa in Trouble at the opening ceremony of Pakistan Super League (PSL) on 22 February. The singer cum actor has been using social media to tease us with motion posters and pre-teaser first looks to build excitement before the trailer launch.

Just today, Ali Zafar posted a fun video with the hashtag, #TeefaKaunHai. Now on its own the video might not have stirred a lot of interest but the fact that it features some of the biggest names in Pakistan cricket makes it impossible to skip!

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The promotional video starts with Ahmad Shahzad asking Shahid Afridi, “Shahid bhai, yeh Teefa kaun hai?” (Shahid bhai, who is Teefa?). A bewildered Afridi asks the same question in turn followed by a rather menacing, Ramiz Raja and a very confused, Wasim Akram, also demanding to know who Teefa is! The promotional video ends with cricketer, Shoaib Malik, mischievously addressing Teefa directly in Punjabi and saying, “Teefa jee, apayee dus diyo kaun o tusi!” (Teefa jee, tell us who you are).

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So far we’re totally loving how Ali Zafar is using innovative marketing techniques to build anticipation around the film. Before the trailer finally comes out in a few days, we wonder what other tricks does team Teefa in Trouble have up their sleeves to market their movie.

As the cliche goes, we’ll have to wait and find out!

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For now, enjoy Pakistan’s cricketing heroes promote, Teefa in Trouble in the most entertaining way possible!

The film is slated for a June release on Eid-ul-Fitr this year.