Aleem Zafar Covers Junaid Jamshed’s “Ilahi” & Here’s What I Have To Say About It

aleem zafar Ilahi
Source: Aleem Zafar's Twiiter

It has been 3 years since PIA Flight 661 tragically crashed in Havelian, taking the lives of 47 people. Among those 47 fatalities, were renowned singer turned naat khawan and religious preacher, Junaid Jamshed and his wife, Nayha Junaid. The nation immediately went into a state of mourning and even 3 years later Jamshed is deeply missed.

On Junaid Jamshed’s third death anniversary, Aleem Zafar has paid homage to the singer’s legacy by covering his famous Hamd, Ilahi.

Ilahi is one of the most famous and soulful works of Jamshed which will hold a special place in our hearts for a very, very long time to come.

The fact that Aleem Zafar chose to cover JJ set the bar far too high for the young singer. Zafar has tried to do justice to the track but let’s be honest, nobody can really do justice to Ilahi, no matter how hard they try. That said, Zafar’s attempt is a noteworthy effort.

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The track starts with a sweet morning chime and the verses, Ilahi teri chokhat pe bhikari ban k aya hoon fits in perfectly with the melodious tune in the backdrop. The candied voice of Aleem Zafar is perfect for a track like Ilahi but on several occasions, the rawness in the voice is evidently visible and is quite overwhelming at times. Especially when he goes to pick on a higher note, the voice becomes a bit clumsy and the effort to cover it up digitally is apparent.

Even though Aleem has quite a voice for an upcoming vocalist, he needs to work on the technical side of his production. It seems as though the mixing of this track was done by an out-and-out newbie and he needs to get this matter fixed.

Covers and renditions such as this by Aleem Zafar is a proof of Junaid Jamshed’s legacy and the love this country has for him.

On the whole, a good effort that can be improved upon!


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