Aggressive Cricket A Necessity For Pakistani Cricketers, Says Bradburn

Grant Bradburn
Image Source: GEO.TV
Pakistan’s head coach, Grant Bradburn during a recent interview emphasized on the need to play aggressive cricket across formats and so, here is a look at what he had to say prior to the #PAKvsAFG three match ODI series.

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Grant Bradburn Emphasizes On The Need To Play Aggressive Cricket 

Grant Bradburn
Image Source: Arab News

While explaining his viewpoint with regard to Pakistan’s brand of cricket, Bradburn said, “We’re not training to show skills in the nets. We are looking to use those skills in the game. And it’s not a request from coaches to players. It’s a necessity for them to be in the team because that’s the way the game is moving forward globally. We want to play winning cricket. We have to demand that from our players. The game is moving forward all the time. And we want to be leaders of the game.”

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“In some ways, the selection has been difficult, but in our minds, the selection is being very easy. And what I mean by that is we are very clear around our starting XI, we are very clear around our batting approach, the way we want to approach the game. We are very clear around how we want to attack the game, particularly in the middle overs. Pakistan hasn’t been successful in the middle overs as well as we should be. We are working hard on developing some skills to really attack that middle-overs period with some hostility, not only with the bat but with the ball and with our field placings as well. We want to take wickets through that period.”