7 Tips To Not Get Broke If You’re A Hostelite

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Source: Bells.pk

As if the stress of exams and projects wasn’t enough to put a student’s state of mind kaput; new year parties have made almost all the hostelites BROKE who with in the first couple of days have now started regretting their decision to crash into events that they could have so easily avoided.

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Well, worry no more!

Here are 7 tips to make it through the month and not get broke if you’re a hostelite!

1. Take your free time to sign up on a freelancing website or look for on-campus jobs and start earning a few bucks to make your ends meet.


2. You might have been on a keto diet at some point in your life. So, likewise, go keto on your spendings.


3. Have all those books from previous semesters piled up on your side table? Put them on sale online!


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4. Don’t skip meals at your mess to later find yourself standing by the vending machine.


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5. Ever checked what discounts does your student card has to offer? Well, now is the time to dig in your uni’s website.


6. Keep minimum amount of cash with you. Trust me, when you won’t have the cash in your pocket you won’t be buying things impulsively.


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7. Make use of all the free resources available on campus. For instance, use wifi and avoid using mobile data.


Have some more tips for broke hostelite? Share in the comments below!