5 Warning Signs Of People You Should Never Strike A Relationship With

5 Warning Signs Of People You Should Never Strike A Relationship With Fwad Khan Mahira Khan
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A lot of people end up falling in love with the wrong person at least once in life. This usually happens because an average person tends to ignore the early warning signs completely. S/he might also believe that the person that they are interested in will change as the relationship grows.

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Unfortunately, in most abusive relationships, the abusive partner only gets worse with time.

If you or someone close to you has a partner with these five characteristics, perhaps it’s best to sever the relationship before it causes more damage than it already has.

Mann Mayal drama
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If the person you’ve fallen for keeps complaining about every second person in life, has an issue with most things and has nothing better to contribute to a conversation apart from incessant whining, may be you need to take a step back instead of feeling sorry for them.

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First of all not everybody can be wrong. So, unless it is an exceptional case, there is a bright possibility that your partner has a habit of behaving like a drama king/queen. Don’t encourage this behaviour. Instead, urge them to improve the way they look at things and be more positive.

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Secondly, the person who has a habit of complaining about everyone else will soon be complaining about you too. Therefore, watch out for the drama and be very careful before you commit yourself in a relationship with such a person.


Insecure relationship fawad khan

You meet this person and a couple of weeks later he/she ends up doubting you for stuff that you have never even thought about.

Well! For whatever reason the person is extremely insecure. and all you can do is talk to him/her. Try to understand the root cause of insecurity and explain the behavior is unfair to you. Finally, if nothing else works, issue a firm warning that you won’t put up with such non-sense.

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Fair enough if the person begins to improve. However, if the unnecessary mistrust continues, just let him/her go. There is no point living your life with someone who has a habit of making you feel bad for no fault of your own.

False Ego

false ego Fahad Mustafa

Now this person stops talking to you all of a sudden and gives you silent treatment for no apparent reason. They accuse you of saying stuff that upsets them when you try asking them what’s wrong. You apologize and explain that it is a misunderstanding and they must sort things out only to find out that something similar happens again within a short span of time.

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People with false ego are hard to deal with. Life is difficult anyway so why don’t you just dump such a toxic person from your life and move on.

I understand that it is easier said than done. But trust me, there is no other way around when you are dealing with a person who has massive ego issues.



If the person that you’re in love with is always asking you for favours, it is best to be cautious. Watch out for signs. For instance pay close attention to the conversations that you have. Observe if your partner twists a conversation every now and then to request for something new.

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People who are quick to request for favors early on in a relationship are likely to have demands in the long run that you will never be able to meet. Hence, it is always better to recognize the early signs of manipulation and move on rather than making a tough call after years of exploitation.


violent relationship

You see this person who verbally abuses people and gets violent every now and then. You find him/her attractive because he/she is pretty much like the hero/heroine you saw in a Bollywood or Hollywood film.

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Well! Don’t fool yourself. A person who is violent towards others will behave in a similar fashion once in a relationship with you. You’re certainly better off not worrying about fiction and staying away from such people from the word go!