5 Types Of Teachers We’ve All Come Across In Our Student Lives

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For me, teachers are the weirdest specie on earth. I say this because there is no single barometer by which we can measure our sentiments for the teacher-community alike. There are teachers that we look up to and madly adore and then there are those whose mere presence annoys us to the moon and back!

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Here are 5 types of teachers I’ve come across in my student life and I’m very sure that all of you must have come across similar “types” in your student life!

The Crazy One

A crazy teacher sounds kind of scary but don’t worry. These teachers are actually the ones whom we all dearly love and we probably do the best in their courses.

They may not be crazy but I call them so because they are characterized by a rather volatile temperament which ranges from extremely helpful to furiously strict with no in-betweens.

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They are also known to make their lectures entertaining and informative so that no one wants to miss even a single second of them. They spread laughter all around and make the learning process easy for all the students.

The Rebel

Ever had a chance of attending the class of a rebel? I have!

These teachers have a tendency to question the rules and regulations at every point. They don’t do this to derive pleasure  but because often they have pretty good reasons to go against the rules!

They will always speak with logic and make sense out of every rebellious act that they perform.

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Being a non-conformist is usually taken negatively by the society but think for a moment: if there is a rule in place, does it naturally mean that it is doing everyone good? Do you actually understand the logic behind the rules and systems that you’re expected to follow blindly?

If you were ever a student of a rebel then I am quite sure that he or she must have opened your mind enough to see beyond the basics and think out of the box!

The Lazy and The Late

Yes. Such teachers do exist. They are never on time, they are really lazy and their lectures do nothing but make us fall asleep!

The funny part is these teachers even have a dressing type: big belly, lose tie, messy hair and a leather file bag tightly held on the side.

On the flip side, it is good to have such teachers since with them we don’t have to worry about our attendance and they mostly give good grades. I would say they are a blessing in disguise!

The Mr. / Ms. Cool

Perhaps not during our school years but certainly during the university, we’ve always had at least one Mr. or Ms. Cool.

So, if you have a teacher who doesn’t share a big age difference with you, shoulders the latest trends, keeps the in-fashion hair style and sounds more of a friend than a teacher then you’ve definitely come across Mr. / Ms. Cool.

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We are lucky that we always have this type around. They are always available to listen to our problems, give us the best pieces of advice and make the class fun. The best thing about them is that they are the ones who are most interested in co-curricular activities and organize all the outings and trips.

The One with a Weak Memory

These teachers have serious memory issues. They tend to forget everything. The hardest task for them is to remember the name of their students, their class schedule, the quiz date, the exam date, the result date and the list can go on and on and on!

Long story short, they just can’t remember anything! Wonders of life I would say.

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This was my list of the various types of teachers, I’ve come across. What type of teacher did you get a chance to study from? Share your experiences in the comments below!