5 Things In The Trailer Of Shaan’s Arth That Caught Our Attention

Arth - The Destination
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The much awaited full trailer of Shaan’s Arth – The Destination is out and we can’t get over it!

From the intensity of the characters to the production value, everything seems spot on. The overall treatment of the film looks chic, targeting urban audiences.

After repeated viewings of the trailer, we realized that there are at least five things that have us specifically excited for its release!

Shaan Shuns His Military Man Avatar

For almost two decades now, we’ve seen Shaan do one action film after the other. Post Waar he’s almost exclusively being typecast as a military man. His upcoming films Zarar and Waar 2 will also see him in similar characters.

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The last time we saw him do a romantic role was perhaps way back in 2000 in Mujhe Chand Chahye – incidentally also his directorial.

His act as a struggling singer then comes as a welcome change in Arth – The Destination.

Humaima Malik Is Looking Smoking Hot!

We loved Humaima in Bol. Her powerhouse performance won over the audiences and critics alike. Humaima’s next outing was a forgettable Bollywood flick opposite, Imran Hashmi.

With Arth – The Destination, however, Humaima seems to have redeemed herself. For one thing she’s looking oh-so-hot! But more importantly, she seems encapsulated by her character, ready to give yet another memorable big screen performance.

The Plot Looks Crazy Interesting

Admittedly, I haven’t seen Mahesh Bhatt’s Arth. But I have a fair idea of the plot and have heard nothing but praise for it.

Shaan, it seems has adapted the film to keep it relevant for today’s audiences. So, it would be interesting to see Shaan’s take on Mahesh Bhatt’s Arth.

Mohib Mirza is Making Us Go “Whaaaat?!”

From the guy next door in Bachaana, Mohib Mirza plays a diametrically different character in Arth. His role seems to have shades of grey with a touch of pure darkness.

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For an actor to venture so far away from his comfort zone so soon demands appreciation. Bravo Mohib Mirza! We’re rooting for your gamble to pay off!


Alright, so it’s not that we haven’t seen skin show on the big screen before. I mean only recently the trailer of an upcoming Pakistani film had my jaw touching the floor with the sleaze fest that was literally all over the show.

But I’m not talking about the skin show – which by the way seems very aesthetically done from the trailer.

What I’m talking about is the script. The movie clearly revolves around an extramarital affair and while we’ve seen Pakistani films touch upon this subject, we are yet to see one that digs deep into its complexities.

While I’m really looking forward to see Shaan’s (hopefully) intense take on this topic, it would be interesting to see how the censor board reacts.

For those of you, who still haven’t see the trailer, here it is!