5 Kinds of People You Meet on Eid-ul-Adha

Selfie with goat
Image Source: https://www.shughal.com/

With only two days to go before Eid-ul-Adha, people across the country are either buying animals or busy taking care of the ones that they’ve already bought. Every household is also stocking up spices for marinating the meat once it arrives on Eid day. Then there’s of course the last minute Eid shopping that’s on everyone’s agenda, dawats to plan and hundreds of other errands that need to be run.

Despite all this hullabaloo there are five types of people who are in every family and neighbourhood, making them impossible to miss!

5. The Greedy Kid

Eid is one day in Pakistan when the tradition of Eidi allows children to have more money than adults. So this Eid – like all Eids –  prepare yourself to meet that kid who will be like filthy rich and still, ask you for Eidi. Rest assured that you will be ridiculed in case you are not able to match his/her expectation for Eidi!

In short, when you offer Eidi, the nasty kid will react like this:

Nasty Kid Gif

And after the greedy kid is done humiliating you, you’ll look something like this:

Humiliated Gif

4. The Relative Who Has to Show Off

It is just irritating that some people come to your house on Eid day simply to see if your animal is as good as theirs and only leave after letting you know that they were able to buy a better animal – and that too “…at a much cheaper price.”

How we all despise that relative but can’t avoid him! If only we could react to their annoying gibber gabber with…

Slap Gif

3. The One Who Got Himself a Selfie with a Bakra

Now this is a recent trend. Get ready to meet that relative or friend who will invite you for dinner, show you his/her selfie with their animal and then ask you to share yours with them!

My question to all these people is:

Why Giphy

2. The Friend Who Wants to Throw a BBQ Party

The first day of Eid is usually busy and can leave you very tired. Still, there’s at least one friend who slept thorugh the whole first day and then rings you late in the evening, nagging an exhausted you to plan a  Bar B. Q. the next day.

You know who you are and before making that call this Eid, be warned that I will be forced to come to your house and…

terminator 2 gif

1. The One Who was Hospitalized

The night on the first day of Eid is usually a nightmare for doctors who are working in the emergency departments of hospitals. People generally end up taking a heavy meal either at lunch or in the evening and hence, have a story to share a few hours later.