3 Types of Employees that are a Supervisor’s Nightmare

Employer Yelling at Employee
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Well, it is just normal that people generally don’t appreciate their supervisors worldwide for one reason or the other. Nevertheless, there are always two sides to a story and it is only obvious that a supervisor really should not always be blamed for being nasty.

Here is a list of three types of employees who do a fine job becoming their supervisor’s nightmare.

3. The Smart Type


A supervisor is bound to pass on instructions while keeping in mind multiple factors all of which cannot always be communicated to each subordinate. Most supervisors hence, look to reduce their workload by defining specific roles for other members in the team and by explaining what is required from each employee and how. It is then natural that they expect their instructions to be followed to ensure an unwanted complication or two.

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Smart type is then the worker who despite limited knowledge, experience and exposure is confident enough to ignore all instructions and execute assignments in a manner that he/she deems fit!

Such employees are bound to learn the hard way and thus, they force their boss to blow up.

2. The Deaf and Dumb Type


We all make mistakes and it is alright but it sure is frustrating to work with this employee who keeps repeating the same mistake. I call them the “Dumb and Deaf” type because as a supervisor you wonder if they are really listening to you when orders are being passed on and why is it always that they choose to remain quite once they make a mistake. I mean it’s so frustrating that you feel like shouting and saying, “Say something! At least apologies you ******************”.

1. The Stubborn Type


Stubborn type is most frustrating of them all. They neither want to work nor accept their fault. There is no way a person can flourish if he/she chooses to lie or make excuses instead of admitting mistakes and learning from them.

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Therefore, if an employee is stubborn and lacks motivation there is no point wasting time and supervisors in such cases have little choice but to fire the worker after a stern warning or two.