3 Reasons Why Mothers-In-Law Are Not Popular Anywhere In The World

why mothers-in-law are not popular
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It is just strange that no matter what the culture and no matter how developed a society; people from both the genders cannot simply seem to get along with their mothers-in-law. Ever stopped to wonder why mothers-in-law are not popular? What is it in this specific relation that can make even the most soft spoken woman an antagonist in her son- or daughter-in-law’s life?

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I’m no psychologist but I do have a mother-in-law. My experience has brought me to the conclusion that it is these 3 reasons why mothers-in-law are not popular anywhere in the world and there’s a slim chance that they’ll ever be!

Mothers-in-Law Are Not Popular Because They Are POSSESSIVE
Why mothers-in-law are not popular
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No matter what people say being a mother of an adult is a rather complicated phase in a mother’s life.

Imagine, she sacrificed her best years so that her child was successful and happy. Her life revolved around her child for several decades and then all of a sudden, she finds out that her little baby is married, happy and independent. She realizes that someone else is now the center of her child’s affection, making her feel unwanted.

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Now a mother-in-law’s problem is that she loves her child and hence, fears losing him/her. Therefore, it is only obvious that in most cases she becomes insecure and possessive. She starts visualizing her child’s spouse as a competitor and ends up giving him/her a tough time!

Mothers-in-Law Are Not Popular Because They are INTERFERING
Why mothers-in-law are not popular
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Simply because they care and love their child; every mother has a suggestion or two to give. However, it’s one thing to give a suggestion and completely another to take offence if the idea is turned down. Most mothers-in-law will feel offended even when her idea is turned down in the politest of ways.

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Mothers-in-law around the globe end up annoying their sons- or daughters-in-law simply because they find it difficult to understand that they are no longer dealing with children and it is alright if an adult disagrees with them!

Mothers-in-Law Are Not Popular Because They Are INSENSITIVE

Why Mothers-in-law are not popular
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One can be a little cranky with their child every now and then, even if they are grown-ups. The mother and the child have lived together all their lives, they love each other and no matter what happens they trust each other too. However, one must not have the same expectation from one’s son- or daughter-in-law!

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Relationships and bonds develop over many, many years and expecting the spouse of one’s child to have the same level of dedication to the mother-in-law is simply an unrealistic expectation.

It is these basic rules that most mothers-in-law completely ignore and end up earning a bad name!