3 Crisis Situations That Test A Marriage And How To Survive Them!

Crisis Situations That Test A Marriage

Like a lot of other people, sometimes I find myself wishing that relationships would remain the same as they were when they started. You know, when you have butterflies in your stomach at the sight of the beloved and everything about your partner seems oh-so(!) perfect.

But as it goes, things change with time and all the three most important elements of a relationship i.e. love, respect and trust get tested at some point during a relationship. This is particularly, true if you’re in a long-term, committed relationship a.k.a, marriage. A couple can only survive if all the three elements remain intact before, during and after a crisis.

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So, here is a look at some of the major crisis situations that test a marriage and how their devastating effect can be neutralized.

Death of a Loved One


Sanam Saeed

Death of a relative or close friend can leave one or both the partners under massive stress.

However, allowing time to grieve and allowing individual space for a little while can help weather the storm.

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Still, if the situation doesn’t change even after 3 to 4 months, it is important to seek psychological advice from a professional – something that can go a long way in restoring normalcy in the relationship.

Long-term Illness

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Illness, particularly those conditions that are lifelong in nature or that require significant time to recover can result in frustration for either one or both the partners. Care receivers in such cases can fall victim to inferiority complexes while the care givers can end up fatigued and hence, frustrated.

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Sad but true, there is no easy way out of such situations. However, avoiding a communication gap can go a long way in sustaining the relationship. Moreover, it is important that both the partners cooperate to ensure that dependability reduces to whatever extent possible.

Financial Woes


Couples specifically, those who belong to the middle and lower class argue every now and then owing to one financial issue or the other. Worse even is however, the situation where one or both the partners end up going bankrupt.

In such a crisis it is important for both the partners to remember why they decided to live together and that nothing remains the same.

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Each other’s constant love, support and patience in a financial crisis will not merely keep the relationship intact but will also enable the couple to work as a team and sail through the crisis.