20 Friday The 13th Memes That You Need To See Right Now!

Friday the 13th
Image Source: Daily Express

For those who believe, this year’s Friday the 13th is going to be extra scary because of the full moon appearance. According to NASA, this will be the first time that the full moon will be visible on a 13th of a Friday since 2000.

The number 13 has bad connotation attached with it for centuries. It is said that the origin of bad luck associated with it comes from the Jesus Christ’s Last Supper as Judas, was the 13th guest and he betrayed Jesus.

Also, a year with 13 full moons instead of 12 posed problems for the monks in charge of the calendars.

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Furthermore, full moon is said to influence behavior. It is associated with bad luck and weird behavior.

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So, here is a look at this year’s funny tweets regarding the spooky day!

Black cat, still a symbol of bad luck?


We really hope so

Oh God!


Friday the 13th welcomes witches!


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