Here’s When Rohail Hyatt’s Coke Studio 12 Will Finally Go On Air

coke studio 12 rohail hyatt
Source: The Express Tribune

After a powerful start to Coke Studio 11, producers Ali Hamza and Zohaib Qazi completely seemed to have lost the plot midway leading to an overall lukewarm response to the iconic music show last year.

Of course, the disastrous cover of Ahmed Rushdi’s beloved song, Ko Ko Korena did not help the cause with the show’s producers and singers, Momina Mustehsan and Ahad Raza Mir being trolled for weeks at end!

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Ranking as the worst reviewed season in the show’s (more than a) decade-old history, the brand finally decided to bring back the man who had started it all: Rohail Hayatt.

Why the delay?

To give Coke Studio a new lease of life, Rohail Hyatt did some major reshuffling of the house band. re-building the team meant bringing in new artists and negotiating new contracts. The paperwork was bound to take its course as was the house band’s ability to gel.

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Minus the pre- and post-production phases, the shoot itself spans over three months and Hyatt and the cola brand were still getting the paperwork straightened in March this year. A delay was thus, inevitable.

What song has Rohail Hyatt picked for the trailer of Coke Studio 12?

Almost throughout its run, each successive season of the show had premiered during the second week of August coinciding with Independence Day. For this reason, the trailer of the show often featured the artists’ line-up crooning to a patriotic anthem.

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However, with Coke Studio 12, Rohail Hyatt seems to have departed from this tradition. While the trailer will still feature a Pakistan-themed song in the trailer, it is unlikely to be a cover.

It is speculated that Xulfi will lead the artists in the trailer with Hum Aik Hain.

So, when should we expect the show’s return?

Coke Studio 12 is expected to premier in October 2019.