This 20 Minutes FUROR Travelogue Covering Northern Areas of Pakistan will Hit you Right in the Feels!

FUROR Travelogue
Photo Courtesy: FUROR Facebook Page

It’s been just 14 hours since FUROR travelogue was posted on social media and it’s already making waves on the internet with more than 24000 views on Youtube and 2400 shares on Facebook. The vlog covers a journey from Karachi to Northern Pakistan via Lahore, Islamabad and Naran.

What comes of as a first collaboration between Pakistan’s biggest vloggers, Mooroo and Junejo, with Ahsan Ahmad on the camera, manages to capture viewers’ attention at the very first glance and keeps them hooked till the end; all owing to the beauty of northern Pakistan and even more beautiful portrayal of it by the trio. Infact, it won’t be an exaggeration if I may say that there came a point while watching it when I did not want the vlog to end.

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Sponsored by FUROR clothing line, the travelogue leaves the onlooker with a strong longing for the same journey despite of all the dangerous routes shown in the video (see the comments section for reference); a lot of which has to do with the enthralling storytelling, awe-inspiring cinematographic artistry and editing of great finesse.

Following the travelogue, Mooroo, Junejo and Ahsan have been showered with great love and appreciation. The tweets given below are just a mere reflection of the kind of admiration they are getting all over the country for this masterpiece of a travelogue.

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Could not agree more!

And finally here is the video of the much talked about FUROR Travelogue by  Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo, Irfan Junejo and Ahsan Ahmad! Enjoy the ride!

Disclaimer: We wont be responsible for the strong feeling of wanderlust you will get after watching it. So, watch it at your own risk! 😀

Hats off to you guys! Loved every second of it!

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