18 Quarantine Tweets & Memes To Help You Keep Your Count On Track

quarantine days memes
Via Twitter

As you probably know that the only way to keep the novel coronavirus from spreading is that you quarantine yourself. But being in self-isolation doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. And in this case Pakistanis are having a field time on Twitter posting hilarious memes to keep a count of their quarantine days.

Here are 18 quarantine tweets and memes that’ll have you ROFL-ing!

1. Perfect time to get done with all those never-ending episodes only to regret it later.


2. Did you know that?!

3. After bashing TikTok for years…

4. Don’t fall for it. He’s your “ex” for a reason!

5. I repeat say no to your exes!


6. Finally, WhatsApp stories have some audience.

7. You’ll always have the option to open a salon after the quarantine days end.

8. Wow! You never noticed that before?

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9. Now that’s some serious maths!

But you have all the time so, please don’t stop there.


10. Contact the girl for the formula!

11. You can even confirm by counting it yourself.


12. These song memes are the absolute winners, I swear!

13. Finally giving mom a reason to be happy…

14. Now that’s some valuable information.

15. Ahhh.. I really hope that this guy recorded the whole incident for a documentary.

16. Thanks to WhatsApp!

17. Guess what I’ll be doing tonight!


18. That’s the reason you need to tweet everyday!