Pakistani Taxi Drivers In Spain Are Giving Free Rides To Doctors Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak

pakistani taxi drivers spain
Source: DW Urdu

Spain, where more than 4,000 people have been killed so far amid the coronavirus outbreak, has imposed a nationwide lockdown. While the pandemic has disrupted the lives of Spaniards, Pakistani Taxi drivers are setting an example by providing free rides to the doctors.

According to a report by DW Urdu, Pakistani taxi drivers in Spain have taken the initiative to offer pro bono services to the medical staff.

Mohammad Shahbaz Khatana, a taxi driver in Barcelona said that, “We are providing all doctors who are working to treat the patients in this pandemic free rides from home to hospital and from hospital to home.”

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He told that initially it was just him and a few of his colleagues. But soon others also joined their cause and the number of these drivers rose from 50 to 150.

The taxi drivers are taking all the precautionary measures necessary to avoid the spread of the deadly virus.

They have provided their contact numbers to the hospital administrations so that they can call them whenever a doctor needs to go home.

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Corn Riya, who works as a nurse at a Barcelona hospital in Auburn says, “I thank all the taxi drivers. It is a good deed and solidarity on behalf of these drivers.”

Another taxi driver, Syed Shiraz, said that hundreds of Pakistanis are currently engaged in social service in Barcelona. He added that whenever a difficult situation arises we are always ready to offer our services to the host country.

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Here is the full report by DW!

Prayers and love for these Pakistani taxi drivers in Spain doing their best to serve humanity!