10 Celebrity Tweets That You Probably Missed This Week!

Celebrity Tweets

The Yousafzais featured in The Sunday Times and fathers all over the world learnt how to raise their daughters right!

Mansha Pasha sent out an important tweet provoking juvenile responses from the un-woke!

Irfan Junejo wanted to sell his drone to buy a new one and people had hilarious responses!


Shireen Mazari and Sherry Rehman bonded – probably for the first time in their lives – over their mutual dislike for the Ko Ko Korina remix!

Mani Salman apologized for the inexcusably sexist Instagram post about the #MeToo movement but people weren’t in a forgiving mood!

Humayun Saeed’s selfie featured his rumored nemesis, Shaan Shahid!

Mahira Khan congratulated Shah Rukh Khan on DDLJ completing 1200 weeks in cinema with this quirky tweet!

Sajjad Ali rallied for reading from the world’s biggest book event in Dubai!

Nadeem Farooq Paracha became philosophical over the Ko Ko Korina fiasco.

Samina Peerzada continued with her motivational tweets for Pakistan.

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