We Asked You! | No. 3 | Will Pakistan Win A Single...

We Asked You! | No. 3 | Will Pakistan Win A Single Match In New Zealand This Year?


The on-going cricket series in New Zealand is turning out to be a disaster of sorts for the boys in green. Everyone seems to be wondering if Team Green will manage to win even a single match in New Zealand this year! Curious to learn about the public sentiment and if they truly believe there’s any hope for Pakistan cricket team, we did a little social experiment.

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We set-up a flip chart in a busy area in Islamabad and asked the passersby this simple question, “Will Pakistan be able to win a single match in New Zealand this year?”

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Were Islamabadis as dejected with Team Green’s performance as one would think or their support for the boys was unconditional?

Click below to find out what Islooites had to say!

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