The World Might Find These ‘Main Tera Edits’ Cute, But Oh Gosh They’re Cringy!

main tera edits
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Too late to the party, I know, but only recently I got to know about these Main Tera Edits and damn, I had to do some social media detoxification. Not even kidding.

If you haven’t watched them yet, please don’t because they are major cringe. You are not missing out on anything. The thing that’s more baffling is that the whole world is going crazy making those edits because they think they’re cute, and they’re most definitely not.


How about I break down the most cringe-worthy aspects of these edits for you. But, before I do that, let’s have a quick overview of what these Main Tera Edits are.

Basically, Main Tera is song sung by the infamous Arijit Singh for this Bollywood movie Kalank and the millennials and the Gen Z-ers have conveniently edited this song on to the snippets of some of their favorite celebs pictures/videos.


Main Tera Edition 1: Fawad & Mahirah

Who are these Nakaam Ashiqs who have nothing in the world to do but make these edits? No, son, you’re not gonna get that girl by showing her this absolute cringe piece.


They even ruined Fawad and Mahirah for us. Look at them, they’re so cute why incorporate their videos like this?



The Kajol and Shahrukh Edition

Why? Why? Why? No you didn’t have to make this. They were doing just fine without this. There’s a whole world of cringe out there, why add one more?

Personal space, Raj, please!

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Louder for the people in the back! Get over with it already!

You said it

The All Pakistani Dramas Ever Version

Okay so they decided to dump it all at once.

What is this fad? Who decides to do this and why does everyone join the bandwagon? No one’s giving you an Oscar for that, so stop!



Rant Over.

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