Dance Party At Malam Jabba Lands LUMS Students & Hotel Management In Hot Waters

Malam Jabba dance party
Image Source: YouTube Screengrab

Recently, a video of LUMS students’ dance party at a resort in Malam Jabba went viral on social media.

This got the authorities to take action against the hotel management and the students. Police has apparently lodged an FIR against LUMS students and has arrested the hotel owner for promoting ‘vulgarity’ and for failing to follow coronavirus SOPs.

The FIR stated,

Accused Fazal Khan Afridi and Husnain Ihsan provided lodging to a group of students on January 4.

They also provided loudspeakers to 30 to 40 guests who did not follow Covid-19 SOPs as well as engaged in the vulgar acts, footage of which, went viral on social media

According to reports the arrested hotel staff was released after they paid a fine of Rs. 40,000.

The news did not sit well with social media users. They condemned the action taken against the students and hotel management, commenting on how there was nothing obscene about the party. They also talked about how this could adversely affect the tourism in Pakistan.

This one advising Pakistanis to go to Dubai to have fun.

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This one here had some revelations to make.

However, there were some who sounded conflicted about this whole situation and deemed the dance party as staged.

People dissecting the video like…

And then there were some who were really happy to see how times have changed for SWAT!

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