This is How Pakistanis Are Celebrating No Blue Whale Challenge Victims!

This is How Pakistanis Are Celebrating No Blue Whale Challenge Victims!

Blue Whale Challenge Jokes in Pakistan
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The whole world has just come alive to the scary existence of the notorious gaming app, the Blue Whale Challenge. This internet game gives its players various sadistic challenges over a 50 day period. The final challenge is for the player to commit suicide.

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The game has been available on deep internet since 2013 and has allegedly driven hundreds of teenagers (and younger children) to suicide in Russia, India, China, Saudi Arabia and a whole host of European countries.

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As disturbing as the revelation of the Blue Whale Challenge has been, Pakistanis have found a way to celebrate the fact that the Blue Whale Challenge has been unsuccessful in recruiting any Pakistani victim so far.

Many feel it is impractical to play the Blue Whale Challenge in Pakistan:

A weapon of mass destruction to defeat the killer game has been identified:

This phuppo joke cracked us up!

The Blue Whale has a special challenge for President Mamnoon Hussain:

PML-N and PTI supporters have also come up with their own versions of Blue Whale jokes. This guy went as far as to make a video!

No disrespect but this was just too funny not to post!

There’s of course a special mention featuring Dr. Aamir Liaquat:

Very important message for the attention seekers sharing screen shots claiming to play the suicide game:

Surely, Pakistan only has one internet based national game and that is…

It is believed that if Pakistanis do end up using the Blue Whale Challenge, their one true motivation would be this:

And finally, this meme perfectly sums up the reaction of the founder of Blue Whale after being made the butt of jokes at the hands of Pakistanis: