Types Of Pakistani Parents We’ve All Come Across!


Parents’ behavior always has a bearing on the offsprings’ personality and his/her outlook on life. In a Pakistani society where kids are usually categorized as either “mummy daddy bachay” or “rebels”, parents mostly get away without being stereotyped. But ask us how we have bore the brunt of different types of Pakistani parents from our childhood to adulthood.

The fact that I am in my mid 20s and I still have some friends my age whose parents decide whether they will come to a certain gathering or not speaks volumes about this underrated discussion. So, without wasting anymore time (that you’re probably not allowed *whisper*) lets have a look at the following types of Pakistani parents we’ve all come across at least once in our lives.

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1. The Dictators


These are the kinds who control every aspect of their child’s life no matter how big or small. From choosing the brand of their diapers to selecting their life partner, such species firmly believe in micro-management and thus, see their kids as more of a project rather than a human being of their own.

During initial years of life, such behavior of parents play a vital role in setting a tone but as time passes, a rift starts emerging and power struggle between the two parties become a norm. In such cases, you’ll witness a lack of mutual trust due to which kids start lying about trivial things.

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Having said that, children of submissive nature tend to get along better with dictator parents as they feel more comfortable in the backseat instead of sitting behind the wheel. While it does earn one the title of an obedient angel and accompanying praises, in the longer term it only kills the personality of the offspring and their decision making power, making them unable to function on their own when faced with world’s harsh realities.

2. The Overprotective Ones

Overprotective parents

These are the ones who always want their children to stay in a protective shield; something like we see in Nido’s advertisement. They do think of their offsprings as people of their own and keep an account of their liking and disliking but at the same time employ soft power to influence any decision that they feel uncomfortable with.

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Having sensitive nature, such parents try their best to keep the birds in nest instead of teaching them how to fly. Manipulation of information thus becomes their prime tool which eventually flaws their children’s perception of the real world out there. In case of overprotective parents, letting go becomes difficult.

3. The Laissez Faire Kind

Laissez Faire

A french term for let people do what they want to. A rare type of Pakistani parents! They tell you their opinion of the world but then urge you to find your version of it. You will never find them pretending to know-it-all which emboldens the fact that at the end of the day they are also human being and hence are capable of making mistakes. This not only brings ease into the relationship but also the children start looking at them as more of a friend. As a result, trust in the equation grows and both the parties help each other in achieving their dreams without any manipulation.

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If letting go is an art then these parents have mastered it. The laissez faire parents believe that children are people of their own and have a right to do whatever they want to once they reach a certain age. Alongwith boosting self esteem, developing a strong personality, such parenthood helps offsprings in taking responsibility of the consequences of their life decisions, subsequently equipping them with wiser decision making skills. Also, this type has to be the coolest of them all!

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