Trailer Of Nabeel Qureshi’s Load Wedding Is Out And What A Riot Of Color!

Trailer Of Nabeel Qureshi's Load Wedding
Image Source: Load Wedding's Facebook Page

Probably the most awaited film of the year, Load Wedding had our hearts racing at the sight of its teaser. The one-minute video kept us on the edge of our seats and now that the trailer of Nabeel Qureshi’s Load Wedding is finally out, we must acknowledge it was worth all the wait!

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Our eyes were glued to the screen when the lead actor Fahad Mustafa took to Twitter to make this announcement!

And when the trailer was finally released, the micro-blogging website was flooded with praises and compliments for Nabeel Qureshi and the leading cast of Load Wedding. Here, take a look!

Soon we could see #LoadWedding trending on Pakistani Twitter!

So, why exactly is everyone going gaga over this upcoming Pakistani rom-com? We watched the trailer and listed down the reasons. Here, have a look!

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1. It’s A Message-Driven Film!

Trailer Of Nabeel Qureshi's Load Wedding
Image Source: News Chronic

Load Wedding is centered around a theme which aims to highlight all the hardships men and women go through in our part of the world to get married.

Based on what we got from the trailer, the content of the film tackles serious issues like dowry, societal pressure to organize extravagant wedding ceremonies, marriage taboos and the accompanied stress. Very rare do we see Pakistani filmmakers addressing such critical topics, let alone using a comic tone to get the message across!

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2. Cultural Relevance Is Hard To Miss!

Trailer Of Nabeel Qureshi's Load Wedding
Image Source: Express Tribune

Not just the storytelling but the Punjabi accent, bright colored traditional dressing, green and yellow landscapes and conventional Pakistani infrastructure, everything in Load Wedding oozes cultural relevance. What a great way to introduce to the world the real Pakistan as we know it!

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Brownie points to the team for the hilarious cameo of the Aamir Liaquat game-show! We fell off our chairs laughing!

3. The Stellar Cast and The Brilliant Direction!

Trailer Of Nabeel Qureshi's Load Wedding
Image Source: Express Tribune

Load Wedding’s star cast includes Fahad Mustafa, Mehwish Hayat, Samina Ahmad, Faiza Hasan, Samina Peerzada, Qayyum Ansari, Noor Ul Hasan, Qaiser Piya, Anjum Habib and Ghazala Butt.

Needless to mention here that Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat are the most refined actors of our generation and the trailer of Load Wedding establishes this fact once again! That being said, other seasoned actors like Samina Ahmad and Faiza Hasan also set the screen on fire and tickled our funny bone.

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From the looks of it, Nabeel Qureshi is about to give Pakistani Cinema another hit! There has been a sudden influx of numerous teasers and trailers of upcoming Pakistani films in the last two months. But Load Wedding effortlessly stands out from the crowd because of the perfect balance Nabeel has managed to strike once again. Seems like he’s going to set the bar even higher this time!

Will Load Wedding meet our expectations or not, only time will tell! For now you can watch the trailer of the film embedded below.

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