Top 3 Performances from the Knockout Round of Pepsi B.O.B

Pepsi B.O.B
Photo Courtesy: Pepsi Pakistan Facebook Page

Third episode of Pepsi Battle of the Bands was aired this Sunday and knocked us all out with its crazy knockout round. Final judges’ panel was revealed in the beginning of the episode in which Meesha Shafi and Fawad Khan were joined by Atif Aslam and Shahi Hassan. This time around the bands were asked to perform their favorite song in order to secure a position amongst top 6 in the competition and boy oh boy did they set the stage on fire!

What made this episode so spectacular was the fact that each band had put in their 100% effort because of the higher stakes involved. However, there were three performances which completely stole the show and thus deserve a shout out from us.

3. “Kala Jora” by Badnaam

Although being a very open-to-change-and-new-ideas kind of a person, I never hesitate in listening to different renditions of classics. But “Kala Jora” was that one song that I considered sacred and could not bear the sight of anyone covering it, until the day before yesterday when I finally came across this “Badnaam” version of the song which completely blew the judges away. While Fawad was seen using words like “crazy” and “eccentric” to compliment the trio, others could not stop admiring the band for the catchy riffs, unique vocal tone and the high-spirited act that they put up.

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For me, it was the recklessness with which they performed that did complete justice to the great folk composition and is something I have rarely seen among such young talent. Their effortless yet loud (in a good way) performance has not only earned them a spot in top 6 but has also made them one of the favorites in the show and rightly so.

If you are also one of their fans, then do check out more of their work available on their Facebook page and if you haven’t watched the full version of their performance yet then what are you waiting for! Play the video given below!

2. “Kahan Hai Tu” by Madlock

Owing to vocals as unique as the name of the band itself, the trio has been getting a lot of attention since the beginning of the show and has been acknowledged time and again for producing a sound bigger than a three piece band usually does.

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In the auditions, the two-year-old band undoubtedly did stood out from the crowd but it was the knockout round that earned them massive respect and love from the rock music fans in Pakistan. With more than 10 thousand followers on their Facebook page, Madlock continued its legacy of producing head banging music and left us all awestruck with the cover of “Kahan Hai Tu” (originally produced by EP) this Sunday. Comments from the judges only were enough to explain the kind of magic they created on the stage.

Be it vocalist, bassist or drummer, each member of the band gave their best in creating a rendition which is far better than the original in all aspects. What won me over was the dramatic and glorious climax of their performance which gave other bands a run for their money. Don’t know what I am talking about, then see for yourself!

Note: Do notice Fawad’s expressions at 02:39! That was exactly how most of us reacted to the moment.

1. “Mera Pyar” by Kashmir

It’s time for the band that outshined all others and put them in shade with the breathtaking rendition of “Mera Pyar”, a song which was originally produced by Pakistan’s guitar maestro Amir Zaki. Honestly, in our hearts we already knew that Kashmir will top this list and this fact in itself is a proof of the excellence exhibited through the sextet’s performance. Forget taking over Pepsi B.O.B, the band even managed to successfully overshadow first episode of Coke Studio, Season 10 which was premiered a day before and featured big names of the industry.

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Bilal’s soothing yet captivating vocals with those beautiful falsettos which were highly praised by Atif Aslam, and Vais’ creative guitar tone that were appreciated by Shahi made it the best cover of Mera Pyar so far. Nonetheless, it was the transition in the end that made the song hit right in the feels, reason why all of us including the judges were left emotional after the performance. Considering the fact that this is just the beginning and the participants are yet to reach their full potential, a performance of such a stature simply shows us the wonders that Kashmir is capable of doing.

If you are also rooting for Kashmir then do like their Facebook page. Here is the video of the song which I am pretty sure you will be listening on repeat for months now.