This Baloch Rapper Took The Internet By Storm!


Social media has played a vital role in introducing many hidden Pakistani talents to the world. This time it’s no different. Abid Brohi broke the internet with his debut, The Sibbi Song. But it’s also his journey from a tea-seller to a rapper that has garnered public attention.

Abid Brohi was just a young errand boy who worked at Sibbi Mela and used to entertain people while serving them tea and snacks. Having a knack for rapping, his big break came when after being discovered by documentary filmmaker, Raza Shah, he was taken on board by Patari (a Pakistani musical application start-up) and SomeWhatSuper (Pakistan’s EDM sensation) to be featured in Patari’s new series, ‘Tabeer’ which aims at promoting the country’s untapped talent. The series also features 5 more voices from different regions of Pakistan.

Here is a glimpse of Abid Brohi’s fascinating journey.

With the Sibbi Song making waves over the internet, many Pakistani celebrities took to twitter to share their reactions on what happens to be the first track of Tabeer series.

We could not agree more. One can simply not get enough of this groovy number! For those who haven’t heard it yet, what are you waiting for?! Click here to hear for yourself what all the fuss is about and for those who have, stay tuned for more awesomeness coming your way!

We wish all the lined up artists under this initiative, best of luck and highly appreciate Patari for their efforts to rejuvenate Pakistan’s music industry. It’s about time that the world gets to know what Pakistan and Pakistanis are really about!