The Classic Lollywood Themed Pepsi Battle Of The Bands Episode Was Gold!


The third season of Pepsi Battle of the Bands is heading towards its final episodes. After last evening’s episode, Bayan and Xarb have secured their place in the top two and in a couple of weeks we will know the band that will go home with the winner’s trophy.

With Season 3, Pepsi Battle of the Bands has demonstrated a maturity of sound and presentation that was missing in its last season following the big revival. The bands are no longer expected to stick to safe, popular choices or their own originals, but have been pushed to go the extra mile to prove their versatility as individual acts. The classic Lollywood themed episode that aired yesterday was an example of this fact.

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With the classic Lollywood themed episode, not only did the bands step out of their comfort zones to take on timeless classics but in the process – at least some of them – reinvented hits from the yesteryear for the twenty-first century kid!

Tha Yaqeen

Bayaan kicked-off the episode with Naheed Aktar’s classic, Tha Yaqeen from the 1976 Rani-Shahid starer, Suraiya Bhopali.

The band’s take on the classic number was nothing short of brilliant. Bayaan kept the original melody and essence of the song intact and at the same time had its signature stamped wonderfully all over the rendition.

Definitely one remix that will land in my playlist!

Jhanjar Di Pawan

Xarb picked a rather difficult number, Madam Noor Jehan’s Jhanjar Di Pawan. I call it a difficult choice because the original was made keeping in mind the taste of a specific audience in mind and it did not enjoy the mass appeal that the other chosen classics boasted of.

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Nevertheless, Xarb did an exceptional job, giving the song a completely fresh feel.

Xarb did so by remaining true to the ethnic texture of the number, ensuring that the band’s take on Madam’s classic will resonate with a much larger population than the original.

Tumhe Kaise Bata Doon Tum Meri Manzil Ho

Tamaasha had picked one of the most beloved classic Lollywood numbers, Tumhe Kaise Bata Doon Tum Meri Manzil Ho. Originally sung by Ahmed Rushdi and picturized on Lollywood’s first chocolate hero, Waheed Murad, this is among the most successful collaborations between the singer-actor duo.

However, somehow, despite the energy in the band’s performance, Tamaasha could simply not sustain the sing-along vibe of the original, faltering specifically in the vocals’ department.

Kabhi Mein Sochta Hoon

21 the band chose one of the most memorable songs from the 1978 hit, Aaina –  Kabhi Mein Sochta Hoon – and distorted the song beyond recognition. Sadly, the less said about this effort the better.

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Despite the hits and misses, the classic Lollywood themed episode of Pepsi Battle of the Bands was an effort that deserves immense love. In its golden era, Pakistan film industry produced music that was truly timeless and yet, we have been unable to preserve, re-package and keep alive these beautiful melodies for the younger generation. The homage paid by the young bands through B.O.B’s platform is then a step in the right direction, giving hope that Pakistan film industry’s lost gems will continue to be hummed by generations to come.