Students of IM Sciences Empower Underprivileged Children Through Internet Literacy

Students of IM Sciences after the internet literacy workshop with children

Internet today is no longer considered a luxury but a basic necessity that is required for professional survival. However, people living in various parts of Pakistan neither have the access nor the skill-set to exploit the benefits that are on offer in this regard. Furthermore, extremist groups despite being present on different social media platforms themselves have also played a part in promoting a negative image of this very important medium of communication.

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In an effort to raise awareness and to provide professional training to the deprived segments of the society students of IM Sciences, Peshawar decided to conduct a day long training session with students of Government High School, Sufaid Dheri and Government Middle School, Academy Town in Peshawar.

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This Pakistan Youth Change Advocates’ (PYCA) sponsored initiative was titled as “Blogging Weekend II” and the activity aimed at equipping the students with a basic understanding of the internet. The students of IM Sciences also provided the underprivileged children with an understanding of how to dissect hate messages and not spread them further through social media. The trainers also explained simple techniques to use the internet as a tool to propagate peace and tolerance.