Senator Sherry Rehman Wants NUST To Revoke The Degree Of Mursaleen For Inciting Sexual Violence Against Gul Bukhari

Sherry Rehman Mursaleen NUST Student Gul Bukhari

It has been two days since Pakistan woke up to the news of the abduction and later release of journalist and prominent Twitterati, Gul Bukhari.

As the news of Bukhari’s abduction broke in the wee hours of the night between June 5th and 6th, the initial reactions were understandably that of disbelief and concern.

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Pakistanis finally took a sigh of relief as her family confirmed her safe return home, 5 hours after her driver had been beaten and she had been forced into another vehicle by unidentified men.

However, not everyone in Pakistan was concerned about her disappearance or happy about her return. In fact, a few people even went as far off the line as to incite sexual violence against the missing journalist. The tweet of one, Mursaleen from NUST particularly caught the attention of enraged Twitterati.

From his Twitter handle (which was later locked), this young man sent out a rather disturbing tweet that read, “Sexual torture would be perfect for this shit. #GulBukhari.”

Mursaleen NUST student tweet Gul Bukhari

Very soon the tweet was picked by activists Jalila Haider and Nighat Dad.

It goes without saying that Mursaleen’s crass tweet normalizing sexual violence as a justified tool against dissidents of the state  was not taken lightly by many Pakistanis.

On the flip side many also tried to defend Mursaleen’s inexcusable tweet and even tried to discredit those who had shared it stating the image doing rounds was a doctored.

After much ado, a Twitetrati by the name of @MarySubhi silenced those defending Mursaleen with this tweet.

Senator Sherry Rehman, taking notice of the issue demanded that National University of Science and technology (NUST) withdraw Mursaleen’s degree that had been awarded to him a day before.

Since Senator Sherry Rehman took notice, Mursaleen has deactivitaed his Twitter handle.

Mursaleen PTI

It was also shared by a Twitter user that the NUSTian had not deactivated his account but had rather changed its entire outlook including the title and the handle.


My 2 paisas on the matter…

Torture of any sort, including of course, sexual violence is prohibited under the Constitution of Pakistan, under International Law and of course as per the teachings of Islam.

In the same realm, if someone is in fact suspected of carrying out anti-state activities, the constitutional way to address them is by taking them to the court of law.

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Abducting citizens and inciting hate and violence against them is by no stretch of legal boundaries an acceptable practice by individuals or the state itself.

As a concerned citizen of Pakistan I do hope that what happened with Gul Bukhari will not be repeated with another Pakistani and that those who are inciting hate will be brought to justice.

May Pakistan prevail!