Remembering George Michael


One of the greatest icons of the pop culture of 80’s and 90’s and truly an idol for the MTV generation is no more with us. George Michael gave us timeless music that will stay with us even though his soul has departed. As an artist, he was known for his powerful vocals, expressive range, song writing, torn jeans, ray bans, leather jackets, good looks, numerous awards and the 80 million albums that he sold globally! What a legend!

Here are 10 of George Michael’s best songs that will continue to remind many generations to come of the great musician that George Micheal was.

10. Bad Boys

The song was a peppy, energetic and engaging tale of a rebellious teenage lad’s struggle against his parents who are concerned about his late-night activities. This song gave him a bad boy image at that time.

9. I’m Your Man

Despite the fact that this song could not make it to an album and was released as a single it gained popularity world over. It’s a classic wham song but sadly after releasing the single the band announced its split.

8. Somebody to Love – Queen featuring George Micheal

George Michael gave Freddie Mercury a tribute by performing “Somebody to love” at a tribute concert which has been hailed as one of his best performances. It is not easy to sing something Freddie sang but George Micheal certainly did an amazing job.

7. Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me – Elton john & George Micheal

In 1991, “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” was covered in a live version as a duet by George Michael and Elton John. This version of the song garnered immense praise. Two powerhouses, one amazing song!

6. Freedom

26 years since this song was released and you can still sing along all the lyrics! Also, who can forget the music video which featured the biggest super models of that time like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and other gorgeous women that mimed the lyrics.

5. Father Figure

An instant classic! Beautiful lyrics!

4. Last Christmas

The bittersweet melody became a seasonal classic and one of the biggest selling singles. The song has been covered by various artists reflecting its immense popularity.

3. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Though the song does not really make any sense but for us (those who danced and adored music of the 90’s) it is a classic!

2. Careless Whisper

A soulful saxophone ballad and an all-time classic! George Michael and his band-mate, Andrew Ridgeley wrote this song when they were only 17, which shows how talented they were. It is the most notable of his singles.

1. Faith

At the age of 24, George Micheal had already gained popularity through his previous project, WHAM! Now he was re-branding himself through releasing a classic album named for one of his most memorable and enduring hits, “Faith.” The song was produced, written and arranged by Micheal himself. What a classic Elvis styled riff! The track was indeed a landmark for the pop star, becoming the biggest selling single in 1988.

It goes without saying that George Micheal will be missed by his family, his friends, and his fans all over the world. Rest in peace!


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