Afghan Cricketer, Rashid Khan Crooning To “Mere Paas Tum Ho” Will Make You Go, Talent Hai, Bhai!

Rashid Khan singing
Image Source: Instagram

Afghan cricketer, Rashid Khan recently took the internet by storm when a video of him singing to the OST of widely popular drama serial, Mere Paas Tum Ho, surfaced on social media.

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Apparently, the video is from last year, but one Twitter user re-shared it on the bird app while tagging the protagonist of the drama, Humayun Saeed. Since then, people have been admiring the youngster’s high-pitched voice.

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The vice-captain’s voice is so unbelievably good that netizens actually thought for a moment that he was lip-syncing or something.

Whereas, many of them have it on repeat because they just can’t have enough of his soulful singing.

After getting a taste of his melodious voice, it won’t be wrong to say that Khan is supremely talented. He is not only good on the ground, but he also has a mesmerizing voice that has totally got so many people hooked to it.

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Even the main lead of the drama, Humayun Saeed praised Rashid Khan on his singing.

“Good voice Rashid,” the actor tweeted.

Although the drama serial received mixed reviews from fans across the globe, yet the OST of MPTH got widely popular and amassed praise and love from millions worldwide.

Now looking at this viral video, one can safely say that Khan is also one of those people who fell head over heels in love with the song.

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