Pakistani Twitter Teaches Ushna Shah A Lesson In Classicism

ushna shah
Source: The News

Recently, Pakistani actor and model, Ushna Shah landed herself in a controversy with a tweet about insulting a pizza delivery guy.

As per Ushna’s account, she was holding her dog by the rope when the pizza delivery guy arrived at her gate. She asked him to step in but he refused, fearing the canine.

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She tweeted that she had to resort to “sexist” and “demeaning” comments as a means to “encourage” the pizza delivery guy to set foot inside her home.

Some of the sexist comments Ushna used during this – for lack of a better word – conversation included, “Marrd banein,” “Aap ek chaar saal ki bachi nahee hein,” and “Mardaangi peida karein.”

Her point was that as soon as the masculinity of the poor lad was challenged, he found courage to step inside.

Ushna Shah’s tweet went viral and twitterati were quick to point out all that was wrong with her attitude.

When her tweet went viral, Ushna wrote a long essay not apologizing but giving explanations for her rude behavior!

She wrote that she wanted to start a conversation about patriarchy and masculinity. Ushna said that she just wanted to highlight the sad state of gender roles in the country.

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But Pakistanis pointed out that it was not about a man thinking that a woman is weak, it was about her derogatory behaviour that led to the backlash.

Ushna made the entire episode about patriarchy when clearly it wasn’t. It was about operating from a level of privilege that makes one completely disregard the feelings of those who do not enjoy the same social status as the rich.

Bourgeoisie much, Ushna?