These Images Of Pakistani Female Officers Are The Most Gangsta Thing You’ll See On The Internet Today!!!

Pakistani Female Officers
Image Source: Twitter

Very rare do we come across pictures and posts that do complete justice to the projection of brave and wonderful women of Pakistan who have achieved landmarks in almost every field in the country, be it sports, arts, education, military, medicine, politics or anything else.

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However, last night when the world saw these Pakistani female officers from Anti-Narcotics force reducing drugs to ashes, they had only one reaction, “Dude, this is badass!” 🔥🔥🔥

At the very first glance, we couldn’t tell if this was real or some stills from a Hollywood action movie!

Turns out, these are the scenes from the Drug Burning Ceremony held every year in different parts of Pakistan to celebrate the achievements in the country’s war on drugs.

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Just look at these empowered women burning down stereotypes, patriarchy and societal pressure one flame at a time!

Aaannd let’s talk about the vibes in these pictures!  It seems as if that’s only barbeque fire for them, striking poses, taking selfies and having a time of their lives in front of this huge explosion!

At a time when women from all over the world are finally getting the long-due acknowledgment and appreciation for their contribution to the society, these Pakistani female officers are further adding to the narrative that women can do anything and be anything!

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As much as we love these hardcore scenes, it would be great if the authorities can come up with an eco-friendly way of celebrating the war on drugs.

Apart from that, we are still in awe! 🤩🤩🤩

Go, get them gurlsssss!!!!!  🧕🧕🧕