5 Times Iffat Omar’s Inappropriate Comments Left Her Audience Grandly Upset

iffat omar
via Twitter

Iffat Omar has been in hot water lately with almost every week a snippet from her show resurfacing and being criticised for having problematic statements.

1. In her web show, Iffat casually boasted about how deliberately took retakes during the shooting just to hug Rahat Kazmi.

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2. People called her out for not treating Meera well on her show and leaning towards a bullying attitude talking about her age.

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3. While interviewing Nauman Ijaz, she was also being playful when he was flaunting about cheating his wife and never getting caught.

…and she wanted tips!

4. Ridiculing the entirety of an issue as serious as rape, Iffat Omar joked saying the authorities would find it easy switching from dog castration to rapists’ castration.

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5. Without taking any name, she called a politician the product of a failed experiment by some ”ujjra hua scientist.”

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