I Just Went Through Iffat Omar’s Twitter Account & It’s Aatish!

iffat omar's twitter
Source: Pro Pakistani

Former supermodel and actor, Iffat Omar’s Twitter handle has been very active. The host of the web series Say it all with Iffat Omar might have make electronic media appearances sparingly but is very much in sight on social media platforms.

From politics to poetry to sketches; Iffat Omar’s Twitter is filled with all sorts of stuff and how!

That Iffat Omar is super talented is irrefutable. And every now and then she reminds us of her diverse skill set.

Just look at this self sketched portrait!

The model loves poetry and posts it on and off perfectly paired with alluring throwback pictures.

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If you go through her Twitter feed, most of the content is actually very political – yes! And with what I’ve gathered, the actress roasts the incumbent government a bit too much.

Be it the retweets or her personal views she doesn’t seem to like PTI and minces no words to make that obvious!

Ahm, well WHO never said that about Imran Khan!

And she unapologetically shares her blunt opinions no matter who she’s up against.

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From criticising the government to posting memes; Iffat Omar surely keeps herself up to date with what is happening aroundin the country.

The celebrity never leaves a chance to use her influence and raise her voice against the many social injustices in our society.

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