11 Thoughts That Refuse To Leave Me After Watching The Interview Of The Gujranwala Rape Case Survivor

Gujranwala Rape Case
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These 11 thoughts have refused to leave my mind after watching the interview of the Gujranwala rape case survivor!

1. O dear, dear Lord…not another rape incident…not another woman violated for simply existing…

2. The culprit is a freaking police official…he was suppose to help and protect her…

Aurat March Motoroway Incident

3. Her whole life she’ll wonder how things could have been different had she not turned to the police for help…it shouldn’t be this way…

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4. What would I do if faced with a situation that should be reported? Should I just bottle-it-up and not seek police support? WTF…so incredibly messed-up…

Lahore motoroway incident Islamabad protest

5. The CCPO…the godforsaken survivor-blaming, rape apologist CCPO has still not been removed…powerful, vile men will always protect their own.

6. And then “they” ask why don’t we go to the police…!

Islamabad Protest motorway Incident

7. It’s so hard to listen to the girl’s ordeal. How hard it must be for her. How hard it must be for her parents who couldn’t look up once throughout the video.

8. Is this the Riyasat-e-Madina where the custodians are abusers?

Aurat March Motoroway Incident

9. Will people and especially women who already fear going to the police ever be able to report harassment cases after this incident?

10. Will men now be ready to accept it’s never a woman’s fault and stop putting the blame on survivors like they always do?!

Aurat March Motoroway Incident

11. Women in this country are NOT safe anywhere. Period.

We might get over with the feeling of helplessness and move on with our lives but will this Gujranwala rape case survivor ever be able to get past the trauma and live her life like she had before the horrific incident? Nothing can wipe out the tragedy that the girl had to bear and the most disturbing part is that somewhere in Pakistan right now there is another woman who is being violated just as I type away, just as you read on.

Here’s the interview if you have the heart to watch it for yourself…

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