Mehwish Hayat & Armeena Khan Bond Over Trolling Tarek Fatah

Mehwish Hayat Armeena Khan

Just a couple of days back Tarek Fatah was massively trolled for tweeting a clip from Mehwish Hayat’s blockbuster Load Wedding painting it to be a footage from real life.

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Mehwish Hayat jumped in and schooled the former Pakistani journalist, Tarek Fatah to verify his source material before posting it online.


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Armeena Khan also joined the bandwagon to laud the queen bee, Mehwish Hayat, for shutting Tarek Fatah down.

Also, Armeena has been blocked by Tarek Fatah, making us wonder if there’s anyone left with whom this dude hasn’t meddled.

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She wrote, “Tarek has blocked me but I’ve seen screenshots of his now deleted tweet. Omg! Hilarious. She OWNED him.”

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Mehwish Hayat replied to Armeena with a fist bump and both the stars bonded over trolling Tarek Fatah.


Tarek Fatah didn’t just stop there and came up with another tweet aimed at Mehwish Hayat.

He tweeted, “..just wondering if this @NYTimes report too is false as its based on the film that featured you.”

And again he got a reply that’ll take him a couple of days to respond to.

We are loving how Armeena Khan and Mehwish Hayat are bonding on Twitter. What about you?